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Today’s Video: Joe Friday on Right-Wing Groups and Fascism

Yep, Dragnet’s Det. Joe Friday (as played by Jack Webb) was as Republican conservative as they came in the 1960s, but even he knew the difference between the nutcases and the true conservatives. That distinction, unfortunately, has been lost by … Continue reading

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More Weird Pix for March 14, 2012

1. Tha ambiguously gay duo of comic books? (Or is that Batman and Robin?) 2. No doubt the grown-up Archie would buy this ridiculous album, unless ‘ambiguously’ and the question mark are removed from the item above. 3. No one … Continue reading

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Today’s Music: Donovan “Catch the Wind”

Donovan (b. Donovan Leitch), the Scottish folk musician who was once called ‘Britain’s answer to Bob Dylan’ never had quite the impact of The Man from Hibbing, but he was a good singer, guitar player and songwriter. For a time … Continue reading

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More What If Fox News Had Been Around in the ’60’s?

Update: These were created by Fritz. You can find more of his great work here. (Requires Facebook account to view.)

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If Fox News Existed in the 1960s

Not sure who originally did these, but it’s a great idea.

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Today’s Music: Freddie King & Eric Clapton “Hideaway”

Freddie King, the less well-known of the Three Kings of the Blues Guitar (the other two being B.B. King and Albert King, and none of them related to one another), recorded his seminal blues hit “Hideaway” (or “Hide Away”) back … Continue reading

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