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Surprise! Trayvon Martin Was Just a Regular Teenage Kid

I’d like the high school records of some of these right-wing smear merchants, currently honing their skills trying to posthumously destroy the character of Trayvon Martin, subjected to the same scrutiny as they’ve used on Trayvon’s teenage years, cut short … Continue reading

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Nov. 5th is Both National Bank Transfer Day and Operation FOX Hunt Day

November 5, 2011 is going to be a busy day with people all over the country switching their accounts from the big national banks to credit unions and now Anonymous has vowed to bring down Fox News for their comments … Continue reading

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Beware of Right-Wing False-Front OWS Websites

The right-wingers who work behind the scenes running sleaze for the GOP and Wall Street corporratists, after trying to ignore the Occupy Wall Street movement, are now nervous at its roaring success and doing their best to co-opt and discredit … Continue reading

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