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Olbermann Now Definitely Out at Current TV

Time to take the question mark off of my post of Jan. 13, 2012, “Is Olbermann Out at Current TV?” Keith’s been fired, apparently for not playing nice with Al Gore and the rest of Current management. Here’s the ‘letter … Continue reading

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Stephanie Miller and Bill Press Shows Premiere on Current TV March 26th

Finally, an early morning alternative for progressive political junkies to MSNBC’s execrable “Morning Joe” and whatever flash-bang waste-of-time the moribund CNN has on. (With apologies to CNN’s Don Lemon, who tries to do a good job.) Not worth consideration are … Continue reading

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Today’s Quote: Ann Coulter’s Desperate Grab For Attention

At one time, Ann Coulter was a big fish in a small pond of far-right bloviators willing to make an ass of herself by expressing all sorts of demented and absurd positions, usually centered around killing or┬ábeating up liberals or … Continue reading

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