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Video: We Bail Out Bankers; Iceland Arrests Them

Even though this is from a batty Ron Paul site, Cenk Uygur is no ‘Paulist’ and he makes some good points here.

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By Gandhi’s Standards, the OWS Movement Has Already Won

For years, the various miscreants, grifters and ne’er-do-wells who are paid to dispense political opinion in this country wondered where the outrage was as economic conditions worsened for the middle and lower classes and improved immensely for the top 1 … Continue reading

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Even Without the OWS, the Wall Street Banks Are Failing

Not to take anything away from David Weidner’s fine reporting but, to boil it down, it comes to this: Wall Street has run out of suckers to buy their bad paper and the small fry and institutional investors are nearly … Continue reading

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Cartoon: Who’s Going to Jail?

Protestors against corruption are being jailed while those who perpetrate the corruption go free. Steve Sack ably illustrates: Copyright 2011 Steve Sack. H/T to Bartcop.com

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The Self-Delusions of the Wealthy: Are They Really Worth What They’re Paid?

“If the wealthy had to work as hard as the janitor, they’d demand enough money to hire someone else to do the job.” — Richard Sherricky As summer slides into fall, if not the financial fall that’s eventual, some things … Continue reading

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